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To Cycle these bikes you don't need:

  1. Driving Licence
  2. Tax
  3. Insurance.




Invisible electric bikes.

Gazelle has designed the Innergy so that you do not see that it is a bike with electric power. That is thanks to a small battery under the luggage carrier and because the motor is housed in the front hub. What you see is the top model from the Gazelle line, with only the best Gazelle parts being used.



Assistance when you need it.

In the controller is a special sensor that precisely measures how much force you put on the pedals. This sensor sends a signal to the Innergy computer. The more pressure you apply to the pedals (for example going up hills), the more power is driven to the electric motor.
The display is easy to operate and clearly shows you the battery reserve, speed and the number of kilometres travelled. When it gets dark, turn the light on from the display. When operated, the display also has a back light for viewing at night.
Power settings can be chosen through the display computer at the touch of a button. Choose from Eco (maximum range) or Boost (maximum strength) mode depending on the terrain and your fitness level. Both settings can be tuned to the desired level at your Gazelle dealer.