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To Cycle these bikes you don't need:

  1. Driving Licence
  2. Tax
  3. Insurance.




Premium Quality Dutch Ladies Electric Bicycle

Experience a new way of riding with the electric bicycles of Gazelle. More and more people are discovering the convenience of electric pedal assistance. Logical, because it gives you the support you need for a safer and easier ride. It gives you the freedom to travel further distances without breaking out in a sweat whether it be a ride to the supermarket or a bike ride of 50 kilometers, regardless of the slope, the headwind or the pace of your bicycle partner.
Electric bicycles are a great way for you to manage terrain that otherwise may put you off cycling. The hills and distances involved in some Australian cities are easily overcome with the help of an E-Bike. With electric assistance, the bicycle is very easy to ride and actually encourages you to use the bike more often because it is so much fun!
  • Easy to operate digital display.

  • With a modern Lithium-Ion battery and powerful engine, the bike has an average range of 40-75 km.

  • The removable battery can be charged separate from the bike.

  • The saddle, steering wheel, handlebar, front shocks and suspended seatpost are adjustable to your wishes.

  • Excellent puncture resistant Schwalbe Marathon tyres.

  • Virtually silent motor when in motion.

  • Thanks to the design of the motor, you can comfortably cycle the bike in case the battery runs flat.

  • Assistance works to the statutory speed of 25 km / h.

  • Made in The Netherlands to the best E-Bike standards.

  • Extremely low and wide entry frame on ladies model.


 Pay a Booking Deposit to Ensure Delivery. Click the Pay Now button below to pay 100 deposit on the Orange Innergy Ladies Electric Bicycle. The balance will be due on delivery of the bicycle.