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Premium Quality, hand assembled Dutch Electric bikes.

Orange Innergy Gents Bike

Orange Innergy Ladies Bike


High Quality Electric Bikes at a competitive price.

Salisbury Gents Bike

Windsor Ladies

Greener Transport for all!

Continuing the trend towards efficient and greener transport, the electric bBike has been designed to give all the benefits of traditional cycling without the effort.

Hundreds of bBikes have already been purchased by ordinary people, plus sales to local authorities, who use them as a practical alternative form of transport.


bBikes are cheap to run, only costing about 0.001 cent per Km (60 Km for 5 cent) and they are fun to ride. With a range* of 60 Km per charge; at approx 20 kph, you won't even need a licence** to ride it, and parking is free!

People who never thought they would ride again are riding to work, school, college, the library, local shops and even to the local pub!

The uses for a bBike are endless and all without the strain of pedalling.

Licensing Information

A bBike needs no driving licence or tax to be driven on the public road.