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Dutch Bicycle of the Year 2009

EMC Approved in compliance with EN-15194/EPAC

Dutch Premium Quality e-Bikes

When you think about The Netherlands, you think about cycling. The Dutch love for cycling is second to none and produce cycling products that are seen as cutting edge in the bicycle industry.

Market leader Royal Dutch Gazelle is the largest, oldest and most well known brand in this cycle crazy country. Gazelle have been making the highest quality bicycles for the most critical cyclists for 117 years. That has not only led to a long list of prizes and awards, but also to a wonderful and extremely varied collection of bicycles for both young and old. Exclusive and innovative. Well thought and dependable.
Choosing Gazelle means choosing the quality of a premium brand.

For an overview of the manufacture and operation of the Gazelle Orange Innergy series take a look at the video below.



Gazelle - Taking you further! from Gazelle NL on Vimeo.


  • Well balanced, due to the fact that the motor is powering the front wheel, while your pedalling effort is powering the rear wheel.
  • Detachable battery (weighs only 2.5Kgs!) Lithium - Ion technology for long life and high power. This battery can be fully re-charged  at least 600 times delivering a total of 30,000km (18,600 Miles) worth of pedalling assistance. No environmentally unfriendly materials such as Cadmium, Lead or Acids. Recharging is considerably quicker than conventional batteries.
  • Easy to operate Multi-Function display: Display shows you Present Speed, Average Speed and covered distance. Whilst riding it indicates remaining battery capacity as well. (Battery capacity can also be checked by pushing the button on the rear light.)
  • In-built Theft Protection. The battery is locked to the carrier by the same key as used on the integrated wheel lock. On top of that, the serial number of your battery is stored on the Innergy Bicycle ECU. This means that the battery is of no use to thieves as it is keyed to a particular bicycle. You can have up to 4 batteries programmed into one bicycle if necessary.
  • The Innergy range comes in 5 different frame sizes, from 46cm (18 Inch) to 61cm (24 Inch) to suit all sizes of cyclist.
  • 8 speed with roller brakes and cooling disks.
  • Ladies model with very low and large entry.