Gazelle Orange C8 HMS Di2 Electronic gear shift

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The Gazelle Orange C8 HMS is one of the lightest ebikes in the Gazelle range and offers electronic automatic gear shifting. The Shimano STEPS E6100 mid-mounted motor works perfectly with Shimano’s own Di2 electronic gear shift in both manual and auto modes. The automatic shifting means that you are always in the right gear, no matter what the terrain or conditions. This also means that shifting is timed to perfection and can be tuned to your exact needs. If you want to enjoy the ride without having to worry about gear selection, this may be exactly what you need.

The Shimano STEPS power system is light and quiet with a performance characteristic able to deal with any terrain you come across. The innovative and sleekly integrated  lighting gives the bike amazing illumination and an ultra-modern look. Super-tough Schwalbe Energizer tyres and powerful Magura HS11 hydraulic rim brakes provide great confidence in road holding and stopping.

This Lightweight and refined, Orange C8 HMS is in stock for immediate delivery .



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