Gazelle luggage carrier bicycle bag


  • Easy to assemble using the MIK system
  • Easily adjust the size and contents of the bag to your needs by increasing the compartments with the zippers and unfolding the side pockets
  • Equipped with a rain cover to protect your belongings against bad weather
  • Equipped with reflective elements
  • In stock
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The Gazelle Luggage Carrier Bag is the ideal bag for recreational use. With this very practical bag you always have all your essentials at hand. The Gazelle Luggage Carrier Bag is equipped with special fold-out side pockets that enormously increase the content. The main compartment can also be made extra high so that there is always room for your belongings. Safety has also been taken into account because reflective elements have been fitted all around. The bag is made of water-repellent material, but with the included rain cover your valuables are well protected even during bad weather.