About BBikes

Since 2002 founding year, BBikes has operated under a threefold mission;

  • To supply better quality bikes,
  • To enable individual customers to enjoy their greatest possible range of cycling experiences
  • To back these up with the highest standards of customer services.

From its inception, by following the principles of quality and service, BBikes has become one of the premier suppliers of E-Bikes in the Irish Republic.

Personalised advice, construction, deliver and after sales service help BBikes stand out from other suppliers.  Unlike many other internet based suppliers, BBikes delivers the service you would associate with a high street supplier.  BBikes prides itself that it has provided this one-to-one personalised service to each individual customer.

When quality products speak for themselves, the personalised advice and support offered to customers at BBikes sets them above the rest

As BBikes sources all bikes and components from within the EU, any purchases will be Brexit proofed.

Dutch Premium Quality e-Bikes

When you think about The Netherlands, you think about cycling. The Dutch love for cycling is second to none and produce cycling products that are seen as cutting edge in the bicycle industry.

Market leader Royal Dutch Gazelle is the largest, oldest and most well known brand in this cycle crazy country. Gazelle have been making the highest quality bicycles for the most critical cyclists for 117 years. That has not only led to a long list of prizes and awards, but also to a wonderful and extremely varied collection of bicycles for both young and old. Exclusive and innovative. Well thought and dependable. Choosing Gazelle means choosing the quality of a premium brand.