Bike Size Guide

How are the frame size and frame height precisely calculated?

The frame size is calculated on the basis of your inseam. The frame size determines the frame height of the bike, but it is only an estimation.

The frame size either frame height is the distance of the crank shaft up to the point of the frame in which the seat post comes out expressed in centimeters.

Please check the table and diagram below for more information.

bike frame size guide

Height (m) Height (ft) Bikes Size
1.50 – 1.65m4.9 – 5.4ft49
1.55 – 1.70m5.1 – 5.6ft51
1.60 – 1.75m5.3 – 5.7ft53
1.70 – 1.85m5.6 – 6.1ft57
1.85 – 1.95m6.1 – 6.4ft61
1.95 – 2.1m6.4 – 6.9ft65