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BBikes supply the highest quality bikes, both electric and pedal powered.

We are official stockists for the best e-bike brands such as Gazelle. Sourced from Europe we deliver tried and tested ebikes with extended range, perfect for commutes, travel and greenway trips. Whether you’re an experienced cyclist who knows what you want or a novice in need of advise, BBikes is a one stop shop. Browse the website at your convenience to find what you want and then it’s up to you. Either purchase directly online in our store, or contact us to find out more about models that would suit your needs.

Ebikes for sale

We stock a range of new and pre owned electric bikes.


EBike Hire

Bike hire for exploring the Galtee mountains.


Why choose an electric bike?

Range up to 100km

E-Bikes are becoming more efficient with longer ranges. Our bikes currently have up to 100km range which makes them perfect for commuting or longer cycling trips.


Compared to a car, moped or motorcycle, an electric bike provides a clean, green, no-petrol transportation alternative.

Effortless Cycling

A great advantage of electric bikes are their ability to assist on hills. Use the battery to assist and make any uphill journey an easy one.


In general, public transport costs roughly €80 per month. The cost per charging an E-bike is on average €0.20. This works out at around €2.40 per month.