Cardo BK-1 Communication System


The Cardo BK-1 is a helmet-mounted communication system that allows you to talk easily to a ride partner via Bluetooth

The Cardo offers simultaneous conversations via intercom between up to three cyclists, mobile phone connectivity, in-the-ear instructions from GPS devices and MP3 stereo music streaming from compatible devices. Whether you cycle alone or in a group, the Cardo BK-1 will give your favourite outdoor experience a whole new dimension.”

Installation and setup of the BK-1 system is simple and straightforward thanks to detailed instructions. The transmitter fits most any helmet with supplied Velcro straps, and the actual headset mounts to the inside of your helmet with an adhesive strip. A wire connects the two and sits unobtrusively at the back. Once you familiarize yourself with the transmitter’s five buttons, channel operation is a snap. The earpiece is comfortable and unobtrusive, as is the microphone.

The BK-1 unit is waterproof, and the Li-polymer battery provides up to seven hours of talk time. It takes three hours to recharge fully from empty.

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  • 3-way bike to bike intercom conference mode at a range of up to 500m.
  • Spontaneous intercom conversations with any cardo BK user nearby

Key Functions.

  • Make/ Receive / Reject mobile phone calls either by voice command or at the push of a button.
  • Connect wirelessly to AZDP /AVRCP enabled MP3 players for stereo music.
  • Receive in-the-ear GPS navigation voice instructions (requires Bluetooth compatibility)

Multiple Device Connectivity (MCD)

  • Parallel connectivity among 3 Cardo BK-1 users
  • Mobile Phone (Inc. iPhone) / GPS device
  • MP3 player

Advanced technology

  • Receiving or rejecting incoming mobile or intercom calls
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) for advanced functionality
  • Echo cancellation for increased Audio clarity


  • Fit virtually all bicycle helmets
  • Lightweight aerodynamic design
  • waterproof and dust proof
  • Up to 7 hours talk time /1 week standby
  • Battery type: Rechargeable Li-Polymer
  • Charging time: – 3 hours
  • Hovering speakers with flexible boom for maximum cyclist comfort.

The cardoBK-1 will allow communication between 5 cyclists. In addition to 3 riders engaged in intercom conferencing, the cardoBK-1 will offer a new Toggling feature and the ability to communicate to 2 additional partners.

  • Intercom conferencing between 3 cyclists up to 500 m
  • Connectivity to mobile phone, GPS, MP3 stereo
  • Light and aerodynamic
  • Waterproof and dust-proof

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